FIT BODY BY GEORGE is Vancouver’s premier personal trainer. George takes your health and physique very seriously! He designs custom programs for each and every one of his clients. No program is the same! What works for one, does not work for someone else. Your custom program will be tailored to your goals and current condition, based on the evaluation performed by him at the start of the program.

It all started with me helping my sister lose weight and get her confidence back in 1986. I saw the impact. Yes, 1986. This is how long I’ve been teaching weight loss all over the world. I’ve since helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. Just watch these video testimonials and see for yourself.

Can I help you? You bet! Weight loss for me is as simple as two plus two equals four. I have helped those who needed to lose just a few pounds extremely fast to look great at their wedding or special event and those who needed a full intervention and lose 200 pounds and more to change their lives forever!

We don’t need to make it hard or complicated.

I like to keep things simple and effective. My philosophy is based on Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s quote “the definition of perfection is when there is nothing else to take away”.

Each program includes:

  • Six weeks of customized one-on-one personal training with me.
  • Exercise plan for you to do at home without any equipment.
  • A customized nutrition plan designed specifically for you.


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