Paying for a new Roofing System

Often times, a roof repair or a new roofing system installation will be expensive and homeowners find it difficult to pay for it. It doesn’t help that roofing systems are one the harder things to price out when it relates… Continue Reading →

How much should you spend on marketing?

Many new and small businesses struggle with figuring out what percentage of revenue they should be spending on marketing initiatives. However, most don’t see as a matter of % of revenue but as a matter of spending as little as… Continue Reading →

A history of Face Painting

It is always fun to get your face painted, whether you end up looking like a tiger or a fantasy princess, it is sure to end up being fun. Even in the most conservative persons a wild side waits to… Continue Reading →

With your brand a little goes a long way

Branding, brand reputation, brand design, brand creation, brand development, etc. are all services, concerns and ideas related to your business brand. But what is a brand? To some, a brand is a logo or the name, or even the colours associated… Continue Reading →

Web design or digital marketing, what do you really need?

These days everyone wants, needs and very likely has a website. When starting a business, most new entrepreneurs immediately think of name, logo and their business website. So it is not surprising that most people search for web design and… Continue Reading →

Renovations better left to the professionals

With so many shows on television talking about how easy it is to do home improvements yourself, sometimes we think all renovations are simple and easy. That is a trap, reality is that like in any profession, construction and home… Continue Reading →

Bookkeeping is important, here are some tips

When running a business, one of the first people most entrepreneurs hire is a bookkeeper. In many cases, when the business is very small, hiring a bookkeeper is not a possibility that the owner / operator is willing to entertain…. Continue Reading →

Do you need counselling therapy?

If you are here, chances are you do. In the past, people would talked about the stigma of going to counselling or therapy, how other people may think you are crazy, but that is no longer the case. Most people… Continue Reading →

The sales glass case of emotion you should avoid

In sales, you study your prospect, prepare  your business information, dress your best for success and then you are prepared for you big new prospect meeting to sell your product or services. It sounds as if everything should go fine,… Continue Reading →

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