Bosco Training and Medical Supply Services opened its doors in 2003 with a focus on teaching first aid and selling first aid kits. We have since grown to offer a number of other courses, including our Personal Support Worker program, and sell a full line of medical and first aid supplies. We specialize in Personal Protective Equipment and first aid kits, which we believe are essential for keeping people safe. Our mission is to provide the best training and supplies possible so that people can feel confident in case of an emergency.

Get your First Aid Training online!

Bosco Training strives to provide the highest quality First Aid and CPR training available. We believe that everyone should have this knowledge, so we’re very fortunate in being able offer valuable information on how best you can protect yourself or others with just a few minutes of coaching from us!

Medical Training Courses in Saint John, New Brunswick

We’re here to help you learn about first aid and CPR. Our trainers have years of experience, so they can teach anyone how it’s done!

We know emergencies can happen at any time. That’s why we offer a wide range of courses to help you prepare for anything! Whether it be as simple and basic as learning how not only do first aid, but also what type(s)of equipment would work best in your situation if there were ever an emergency? We’ve got all those options covered too – Just contact us today!


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