Do you need counselling therapy?

If you are here, chances are you do. In the past, people would talked about the stigma of going to counselling or therapy, how other people may think you are crazy, but that is no longer the case. Most people now understand that psychology office is a place and a time where you can talk about you without being judged or criticized. Counselling is not where the crazy people go, that's why they go to specialized care. But you may still have doubts about going to counselling. And that is fair. Being afraid that therapy is not the right solution is perfectly normal and in most cases, therapy is the right solution. If you are feeling stress all the time or seem to not be able to get out of a depression, then you would benefit greatly from counselling. If people have said to you that you have anger issues, therapy can help you learn techniques and ways to control and manage your anger. Same case if you feel that life is hard to enjoy, life is a joy with its ups and downs, but y…
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