A psychologist Canada option at a fraction of the cost

Cambio Cognitive Therapy is based in Merida, Mexico. The head psychologist is from Canada and speaks English and Spanish fluently. He is fully licensed to practice psychology and has helped many people in Canada solve their problems for more than 10 years.

Why psychologist Canada?

Well, besides the lower cost per session, $100cad per session (individual zoom sessions, $160 for couples) compared to the average $300cad from psychologists based in Canada, he is friendly, caring and has a history of helping people, fast. Experienced in grief counselling, marriage and couples counselling, depression counselling, anxiety management and PTSD counselling, Cambio’s head psychologist comes from a family of psychologists with over 120 years of combined experience!

Cambio Cognitive Therapy is a psychologist practice based in Merida, Yucatan. Fully bilingual, we speak both English and Spanish, our head psychologist is Canadian and our staff is a mix of Canadian and Mexican. We specialize in marriage counselling (couples therapy), anxiety counselling, anger management, depression counselling and stress management.

Virtual sessions via Zoom available around the world.

Psychologist Canada

Psicologo Merida