With so many shows on television talking about how easy it is to do home improvements yourself, sometimes we think all renovations are simple and easy. That is a trap, reality is that like in any profession, construction and home renovations Guelph require skill, knowledge and experience. True, some jobs are simple and we can take on them ourselves without the need for a professional renovator, but certain projects can be costly and dangerous if done improperly. So, we list here some examples of renovations you should never (ever) attempt yourself.

Opening up space by breaking down walls

Breaking down walls is one of the simplest ways to open up the space in your home, but, this is better left to the professionals. Walls can be cosmetic but some are a key support for the house and breaking them down can bring down your whole structure. A professional understands house structures and can identify which wall is a support wall and which is just cosmetic as well as how to break them down to limit damage while protecting the integrity of your home.

Electrical adjustments

Sure, changing a wall socket or maybe a lamp is a relatively simple task and most people can install a ceiling fan or a new set of pot lights. But when it comes to making electrical adjustments, there can be too many technicalities to do it yourself. Understanding of electrical standards is important so that wires don’t over-heat and circuit breakers are not overworked. Some electrical works need advanced knowledge to do it right, so it is best to hire a professional certified electrician.

Building or Renovating the Bathroom

Simple bathroom changes that don’t require moving the plumbing pipes can be done by you, but always hire a professional plumber for anything more advanced. Doing plumbing wrong can cost a lot of headaches and money. Poorly done pipe installations can end up with leaks and cause water damage to the house.

Window Renovations

It is quite inexpensive to hire a professional window company to replace windows or make modifications to them. For the low cost of this renovation, it is better to hire a company so that you can be sure there are no air leakages that can cost you a higher hydro bill.

Granite or Marble Jobs

If you are working with granite or marble, be it countertops or tiles, these materials are expensive and any error could lead to breaking them and having to buy them again. It is costly and it is better to have a professional do it, if they break anything, they have to pay for it which ensures that they won’t.

Finishing the Basement

Renovating basements can be complicated jobs. Putting up new walls or flooring, creating new spaces and more is better to have a professional ensure proper insulation is installed and that there are no leaks in the foundation or the floor. Plus, if there is any electrical or plumbing, you are better off hiring professionals to do the installations.