It is always fun to get your face painted, whether you end up looking like a tiger or a fantasy princess, it is sure to end up being fun. Even in the most conservative persons a wild side waits to be discovered, face painting brings out the wild side of you. Best of all, once you are done you can wash your face and get on with your life.

People have been painting their faces for thousands of years, for many different reasons. Face painting has been used to show love, joy or for beauty. It has also been used for war and to express sorrow.

Cosmetics were used by the Ancient Egyptians since around 4000 BC. Asian cultures have been using heavy stage make to create the look of masks for many centuries.

Face Painting for Events and Parties in Southwestern Ontario and Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge and Waterloo is now becoming a popular party entertainment service for children and adults alike.

Face painting is an integral part of the human experience.

Unlike other art canvases, face painters need to first find a friendly human canvas willing to sit still to do their work. Face painters must resign themselves to painting a beautiful piece of art, knowing it will be washed away in a few hours. Knowing the only way to preserve face painting work is through the use of photography.

Tigers, butterflies, superheroes, dragons, flowers, masks and abstract designs all are part of the work that ends up on people’s faces. Body art is also a part of a face painter, bringing to life costumes and turning regular people into all sorts of creatures.

What type of paints are used in face painting?

It used to be all kinds of pigments. In antiquity, it was crushed fruits, plants and all kinds of staining materials. In modern history, it has been different types of pigments extracted from all sources. But advanced face painting requires paint that will remain on the subjects face longer without losing its integrity and that won’t provoke allergic reactions. That is why professional face painters use water based paints with natural pigments that are easy to wash away.