Shift Cognitive Therapy and Assessment provides CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), marriage counselling and is a group of psychologists and therapists Oakville, Ontario.

At Shift Cognitive Therapy, we really want you to get the help you need and we want you to feel truly taken care of in the process. Because we always have to protect our clients and their privacy, we’re not allowed to show reviews or glowing testimonials about how we’ve helped other people with their anxiety, depression, stress or relationship issues. So, instead, we decided to offer staff bios that demonstrate that we’re all very real people who love the work we do and truly care about our clients.

We help with all kinds of emotional and behavioural issues. Psychologist offers therapy in person or online for your comfort and health.

A leading counselling professional firm with some of the best psychologists Oakville, Ontario. In our therapy work, we have helped hundreds of patients beat fear, anguish, anger, sadness and stress. We have helped couples get back together and reconnect and at times helped them gain perspective to make a decision and move on. There is no right answer, but the answer that best works for you and we are here to assist you in finging it.

If you are looking for counselling in Oakville, Ontario, at Shift Cognitive Therapy our group of therapists and psychologists provide excellent service and help you get better. Take action and enjoy a better life.